1. The Mind

    Every walking man on earth has a mind of his own. It’s the place in the human body where ideas convert to the real world. The mind is very similar to a machine that’s scripted to carry through certain tasks. Once the script is programmed in our brain we execute them with a simple push of a button. Most of the tasks are so commonly used that we don´t even realize that we’re doing them. A site where we love to get resources from is Mindbreathe. The site has a lot of useful articles that handles the subject.

    The human computer is programmed by our own experiences and starts to take place in very early years. We follow through these tasks without giving it too much thought until the day we meet another human being that’s programmed in another way. We then realize that we’re all scripted differently and this is the reason we start to argue. The most beautiful part of our mind is that we can change the schedule and therefore what happens around us.

    Much of the scripting in our brains is vital functions like the ones that keep us breathing or that keeps the heart pumping. Without it we wouldn’t stand a chance.

    The person you are today is the result of our thoughts and experiences in the past. The one you will be tomorrow is the result of your current state of mind. If you’re not happy with your situation – change the scripting of your brain. If you are uncertain of your current thoughts, look around you. Are you doing what you want to be doing? How are other people interfering with your life? You need to be happy. Break bad patterns.

    If you try to remove an old thought from your mind, you have to make sure that you fill the empty space with something new. Otherwise the old part of you will slowly crawl its way back. That is why we sometimes try to change our habit, succeed for a few weeks before we finally get back to who we once were. If you really want to change some part of you, you have to follow it through.

    We can create all kinds of power with our minds. Whatever you focus on, it will grow. If you focus on things like health and happiness it will grow – for certain. Concentrate your mind on how you want your world to be and then let your thoughts create a new reality. Some methods are proved by science; some is not and works only in individual cases.

    Sometimes what you need is a new perspective. Think about your actions from another person’s point of view. Does it make sense? A new perspective gives a new insight.

    There are methods you can try out to make your consciousness develop and to grow as a person. You could sit down, breathing, tell yourself that your mind is strong and meditate. Meditation doesn’t have to be sedentary. Other really effective ways could be to go for a walk or any kind of heavier physical activities.

    The mind is more complex than anything. If you are not fully happy with your current life situation, you need to start breaking patterns. Tell yourself why you are breaking the pattern, it’s what you want isn’t it?

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  2. The mind. The most complex thing in the world.

    The mind. The most complex thing in the world.

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  3. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
    – Buddha

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